Episode 304 - Martin Dockery and High Concept SciFi

August 28, 2018

We had the privilege of sitting with storyteller Martin Dockery (www.martindockery.com) playwrite/performer for such works as "INESCAPABLE" and "Delirium" and discuss one what may be considered the complex time travel film ever created. Do we get any further in understanding this puzzle of a film? 


Episode 303 - Talking Animal films with Christian Zyp

August 21, 2018

We bring back our favorite positive guest, Christian Zyp to tackle the topic of Talking Animal films. The episode was recorded back in June and kept for a rainy day. No matter when it gets released, it's still a bunch of fun.


Episode 302 - Marcus Ryan and Bad Action Films

August 14, 2018

In this episode, we invite Marcus Ryan to join us right before he starts up his Edmonton Fringe Show, "Marcus Ryan - ¿Hablas Inglés?". He wanted to see a bad action film, turns out that's precisely what we gave him... but not the way he was had hoped.


Episode 301 - Dana Andersen and The Train

August 7, 2018

On this week's episode we get the pleasure of welcoming in Dana Andersen to the podcast. He brought to us, John Frankenheimer's "The Train", 1964's suspense/action classic starring Burt Lancaster. We get a great film to watch and wouldn't you know it... Gramiak is off doing something else. Luckily Dallas Friesen was able to take a bullet and... watch a great film. 


Episode300 - David Rae and Film Festival Films

August 2, 2018

For our 300th episode we invited back David Rae in hopes to mend some broken bridges. In the last couple of episodes that David has joined us, he has watched some films that didn't exactly sit well with him. So we invited him back to watch a Film Festival Film. All the movies in this Mystery Movie Challenge have been official selections from respectable film festivals from around the world. How could this possibly go wrong for David?



Episode 299 - Alien Movies with Matt Alden and Alice Kelly

July 26, 2018

Matt Alden has returned along side with Alice Kelly, in hope of watching a film with an alien in it. Did he succeed? Well let's just say there was at least an alien in the title.


Episode 298 - Body Upgrades with Kevin Alexander

July 17, 2018

After seeing "Upgrade" we noticed that a lot of science fiction films feel the need to show body upgrades and modifications. So we bring back Kevin Alexander to explore films with biological upgrades.


Episode 297 - Canadian Films with Liam Leroux

July 11, 2018

To celebrate our beloved country, we brought on our favorite Canadian, Liam Leroux. Liam has unconsciously been one of the biggest fans of Canadian film, so instead of our usual 20 mystery movies we laid out 20 cases with two films each. Liam picks the case then Gramiak picks one of the two films to watch. The results redefine us as The Movie Jerks. 



Episode 296 - Body Horror with Paul Matwychuk

July 3, 2018

This episode we take a look at body horror films with Paul Matwychuk (Trash, Art, & the Movies). What we watch is so bizarre that it has to be seen to believe... or just listen to us watch it and discuss can do the trick too.

Artist of the Month is 2018 Edmonton Music Award Nominee - Kane Incognito. www.kaneincognito.com.  


Episode 295 - 80s Buddy Comedies with James Ross

June 27, 2018

Taking on the Mystery Challenge once again, this time James Ross picked buddy comedies from the 80s. Will a bad comedy from the 80s hold up today?