Episode 242 - Just Go With It and 50 First Dates

June 12, 2017

Two more Adam Sandler films and no Gramiak! Emily Burden joins Jean Paul Fournier and Gramiak's fill in Dallas Friesen to try and defend her love of "50 First Dates" and "Just Go With It"


Episode 241 - Mystery Movie - Critically Acclaimed bomb

June 5, 2017

Holden Daniels is back on the show, this time taking the on the Mystery Movie Challenge. He chose "Critically Acclaimed Box Office Bombs".




Episode 240 - Mystery Movie: Cyborg Films

May 29, 2017

Liam Leroux is back again with vengeance... or at least with the hankering to watch a film with 1 or many Cyborgs in it. Liam agrees to take on The Movie Jerks' "Mystery Movie Challenge" and ends up watching something he might have never seen.



Episode 239 - Peanut Butter Solution and Never Been Thawed

May 23, 2017

Matt Alaeddine requested The Movie Jerks watch 2 specific favorite films, Canada's own "The Peanut Butter Solution" and the independent comedy "Never Been Thawed".  Joyously both films are beyond bizarre.


Episode 238 - Mystery Movie: Found Footage Edition

May 15, 2017

Galen WE Pendleton takes on the Mystery Movie Challenge, choosing Found Footage as his topic. Oh and JP Fournier and Shawn Gramiak were there too. 


Episode 237 - Boyhood and Victoria with Tom Brent

May 9, 2017

We are joined by Tom Brent from "Tomb and the Dead Language" who asked us to watch "Boyhood" a film that took 12 years to film, so in return we asked him to watch "Victoria" a film that literally was filmed in 2 and a half hours (might have been the third take, but still...). We also feature Mitch Malloy as the artist of the month, who was a member of Van Halen for a short period and wrote this song during that time. 


Episode 236 - Mystery Movie “80’s Action” with Ken Hicks

May 1, 2017

Ken Hicks is our latest contestant in the mystery movie challenge. He picked 80s action films as his genre and we go from there.


Episode 235 - GORA with Winston Herbert

April 24, 2017

After a failed attempt to watch a Bollywood's version of Tommy Wiseau, Winston Herbert, Gramiak and JP all decided to take a chance on a Turkish Scifi parody. Was the gamble worth it?


Episode 234 - Quick and the Dead and Ridiculous 6, with Kelly Dakys

April 17, 2017

The imfamous Kelly Dakus is back, this time taking a turn for the norm and throwing to us a movie that he loves, Sam Raimi's comic book western, "The Quick and the Dead", so to show our appreciation we returned with "The Ridiculous 6", an Adam Sandler film.


Episode 233 - Mystery Movie Episode - Genre SciFi Horror with Dallas Friesen

April 10, 2017

Episode 223: Mystery Movie Episode: Scifi with Dallas Friesen Synopsis - Dallas Friesen ("The 11 O'Clock Number") takes on the Mystery Movie challenge. He picked scifi/horror as the genre and we provided 20 unmarked dvds in that genre. What he picks we must all endure together.